Tips for collectors

There are many designer secrets to creating an eye-catching collection display. The point is to design an organized yet warm look that will attract the viewer and showcase your favorite pieces. Here are just a few tips for arranging your treasures in a pleasing exhibit.

When setting up a display, use the rule of threes. Set up three display cases side by side in threes or other odd numbers such as five or seven. Unless the objects are in a symmetrical pair, setting them in groups of odd numbers is more interesting to view.

Mix and match. Try and use a mix of textures instead of many slick or polished objects. Using various textures offers a warmer, friendlier feel.

Design by room. In formal rooms, such as the living room or dining room, it is appropriate to set up your fancy collections, such as teacups or small porcelain dolls. If you own a baseball collection or tiny football helmets in ball qube display cases, exhibit these objects in casual rooms, such as the family room, den or office.