The Importance of Holiness Preaching

There are several preachers today that are well-known around the world but when it comes to holiness preaching only Jesus and John the Baptist were able to call sinners to repentance like no other. Most modern day preachers do not do the same, and which the Bible requires them to do so.

Of course, theology is not the same as understanding the Word of God and calling to people to follow the tenets of the Bible. The former does not change people’s lives in a way the latter is done due to the simple fact that this is what Jesus required of his appointed apostles to speak of.

Instead, we have preachers today who not only assure their believers of the concept of eternal security but they do not necessarily denounce sin and call for sinner to repent even if this pertains to saved and born again Christians.

The truth is that once you read the Bible, the answers to all your questions about salvation are answered rather than going by the words of preachers who wish to divert their audience’s attention from what the Bible is all about.

Yet another false teaching that is advocated by preachers today is the gospel of greed which clearly says that we should pursue material wealth as it is an indicator of our level of faith. Again, the Word of God can give you several answers against this teaching since the real focus of the Bible is not on things of this world but on spiritual things instead.

These are teachings that you will hear somewhere or the other, and thus you should be aware of the fact that the only ‘true’ preachers are the ones who seek to save the lost souls which is what the Bible is almost singlehandedly based on.