The Importance of Fire Retardant Foam

With the huge number of uses and jobs handled by foam materials, it only makes sense that some hold the foam used to a different standard than others. For applications that use foam in a way that exposes it to a potential ignition source or even an open flame, fire retardant polyurethane foam is the right material to get the job done safely.



While foam is often used internally in projects, or covered and protected by another material, some jobs use foam in an open environment where it may come into contact with the room’s contents and happenings. One such application is acoustical treatment, where foam is utilized in numerous ways. Acoustic installation foam products are able to absorb vibrations, reduce echoes and standing waves, and clarify and clear sound in a variety of products. These pieces of foam are mounted in locations such as recording studios or home theaters, all full of potential ignition sources like cigarettes, candles, and wiring and electronics. Proper acoustic foam products are engineered to be fire retardant, so in the case of an accident, the foam will smolder and provide a chance for extinguishment, instead of bursting into quickly-spreading flames. This can make the difference between having to replace a few pieces of treatment after a close call, and a tragedy where the things lost can’t be replaced.


Another example of the importance of situations that call for the use of fire retardant materials is a motocross pit. Essentially the motorized vehicle version of a gymnastics pit, these are used to provide extreme sports athletes with a safe landing area for practice and are typically filled with foam blocks. With motorcycles or ATVs that can generate extreme heat, feature an internal combustion engine, and are full of flammable fuel, landing in foam pits not using fire-resistant materials is incredibly dangerous. This is why riders should fill their foam practice pits exclusively with fire retardant foam material, without exception.


Specialty products with specialty purposes exist for good reason, and fire retardant foam is just one example out of many of a product that has been created for the benefit of everyone who uses it.