Sports display cases

Sports memorabilia is a huge industry and amounts to many millions of dollars every year. However, only the most ardent of collectors go to great depths to protect their collection. Sports display cases are the best way to protect any memorabilia, because they offer maximum protection & visibility.

Collectible items appreciate in value over time. However, one aspect that greatly impacts their value is the condition of the item. This requires the collector to pay meticulous attention as to how the item is stored and protected. The best possible way would be to put it an airtight container and “shove it under the bed” so to speak. But this would defeat the purpose of having the product as no one would be able to see it or even know that it is there. Putting it in a glass fronted cupboard is also not ideal because friends and visitors will inevitably open the cupboard and “play” with the item.

Having a sports display case can solve all your problems easily. These cases come in different sizes to fit your memorabilia. Whether it is a signed baseball, a Formula 1 car replica, a boat etc. you can find a display case to fit it. Even if you need an unusual size, it is not a problem. All you have to do is locate a plastics injection molding company in your local directory and call them up. They can custom design a display case for your needs. If you are worried about how it will turn out, they can produce plastic prototypes for your inspection, so that you can approve the design before it goes for manufacturing.