Specialization in offshore call medical call centers

Most people associate the reduced staffing costs as the main reason medical offices choose to work with an offshore and outsourced call center. And while it is true that trained nurses and other professionals in countries such as India and the Philippines typically earn a fraction of the money as their American counterparts, there are other compelling reasons to move some or all of your customer support solution overseas.

  • Disease management: For health services providers with patients dealing with chronic health problems, offshore call centers can provide specialized care. Nurses who are specially trained to deal with problems such as diabetes or cancer can be tasked with contacting patients to check on their status, refill medicines and answer condition-specific questions.
  • Tapping into a global workforce: While the pool of qualified nurses is on the decline in the United States, many places around the world have plenty of trained and highly skilled nurses and other medical professionals who can give basic medical advice and recommend further treatment options.
  • The time factor: While having a global workforce can sometimes cause problems in integrating employees whose normal working hours are scattered throughout the day due to time zone differences, this can actually work to your advantage in some cases. For example, hiring overseas staff to handle your after hours answering service needs might be during the normal business day in their country, giving you a large pool of talent to choose from.