Smart and Stylish Wedding Décor: Silk Flowers Wholesale

Silk flowers are topping the charts for affordable wedding flower décor. Find out why many brides are opting for silk flowers wholesale instead of fresh wedding flowers.

Planning a budget wedding can be challenging, but it is possible. There are many innovative ways to cut costs and make the most out of your wedding budget, including purchasing silk flowers wholesale instead of fresh ones. Here is a quick look at why many brides are opting for silk flowers instead of expensive and delicate fresh flowers.

Wedding flowers — including centerpieces, hand bouquets and other decorative pieces — are one of the most important elements in wedding décor. Unlike chair slipcovers or tablecloths, the flowers are photographed as often as the bride and groom, accompanying them on every adventure and activity on the wedding day. This is why it is important to select flowers that not only fit your wedding style but also survive the big day.

Unlike real flowers, silk flowers don’t bruise, fade or dry up. Beautiful silk hand bouquets remain bright and cheery throughout a typical 12-hour day, enduring all of the hectic wedding-day activities. Silk boutonnieres, corsages and table centerpieces will also look perfect as they hold up to outside elements including extreme hot or cold temperatures.

Another benefit to silk flowers is the ability to design the wedding arrangements weeks and even months beforehand. This is especially helpful if the bride and groom or friends and family are designing the wedding flowers. Instead of having the pressure to design fresh floral arrangements a day or two before the big day, you can prepare your silk arrangements months in advance and get plenty of rest before the big day.

Silk flowers at wholesale prices are also more affordable than fresh flowers. Just make sure not to go overboard on the size of the arrangements. If you stay within your budget, you can splurge on other areas that may be more important to you, whether it’s providing a personalized ribbon for each wedding favor or a luxury honeymoon!