Simple, Helpful Uses for Scrap Foam

Keeping a small supply of scrap foam handy can help make you a fix-it-all around the home, as the uses for these remnants and leftover scraps are innumerable.

  • Upholstery: If you have a throw cushion that has gone flat, stuffing pillow forms with some foam scraps can give it the fullness and softness it once had. You can do this on a large scale with things like beanbag chairs or with something as small as a stuffed animal.
  • Painting: Looking for a way to get into a hard-to-reach area and a brush just isn’t doing the trick? A small piece of scrap foam is compressible and can be squeezed into corners and edges for an even coat. Some foams can also be cut into stamps for patterns on walls or ceilings or just fun with the kids.
  • Foam Pits : On a larger scale, foam scraps have been used to make safety pits for play or exercise. A gymnastics pit filled with foam is a common sight and can help a gymnast practice with confidence.
  • Comfort Padding: Braces and splints for sprains and casts can take time to get used to and sometimes have hard or rough edges that irritate. A small foam rubber pad can soften and protect those problem areas by compressing into place without affecting the performance of the device.

These are just a few reasons keeping some foam scraps around the house or in the junk drawer is a great idea. As life happens, you’ll surely discover more uses than you ever expected!