Siemens Breakers

A circuit breaker is a mechanism to open an electrical circuit in the case of overcurrent situations. All breakers are rated in the amount of current it can safely handle until the breaker trips, opening the circuit. The difference between a circuit breaker and a fuse is a circuit breaker can be reset one the overload condition has been fixed. A fuse on the other hand can not be reset, but it has to be replaced.

Siemen breakers are generally available around the world, but Siemens is a European company. These breakers behave the same way as all other circuit breakers. If too much current flows in a circuit, the breaker trips and the circuit is open. Once the overload condition is removed or repaired, the breaker can be put back into service.

Eaton circuit breakers are primarily available in the United States since they are an American company. Their breakers operate the same as all other circuit breakers too. They trip on an overload condition and are reset once it is removed or repaired.

FPE circuit breakers also open a circuit but they check to see the difference between the circuit and the ground. If current is going to ground, it will open, breaking the circuit. These types of breakers are always used near water sources. Since they are closer to the circuit, they are quicker to break the circuit. A ground fault circuit interrupter is a type of FPE circuit breaker. They usually have a reset button built internally in it.

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