Sasha Bakhru: Engineer, Scientist, and Stem Cell Researcher

Author bio: Guest post is provided by Sasha Bakhru.  He is the co-founder of a specialty pharmaceuticals company known as Perosphere Inc.  Check out his website for more information.

Few scientists today have as much going on as Sasha Bakhru.  Bakhru is one of the leading researchers in the use of stem cells in this day and age.  Stem cell research is one of the most important types of medical research today for a few reasons.  With the use of stem cells, many important medical treatments are now achievable that weren’t in the past.  Stem cell research is providing hope for those suffering from awful and seemingly hopeless diseases.

In addition to his contributions to the field of medical research, Sasha Bakhru is in the process of engineering a microcapsule-based platform for investigating the influence of various biochemical and topographical cues on expansion and differentiation.  This research has allowed for scientists to track growth and diversity trends.

In the past, he also utilized a methylated collagen that was set by esterification of small amounts of carboxylic acid groups of glutamic and aspartic acid deposits.  These deposits were placed on native porcine collagen (polycatonic), and synthetic terpolymore, poly (HEMA: MAA: MMA)(polyanionic) in order to make microcapsules.  In one of Bahkru’s more recent projects, he’s in the process of designing polymeric hydrogel-based scaffolds for ex vivo neural stem cell expansion.

Bakhru’s research is significant to pharmaceuticals and medical treatments.  His research spans various topics including polymer-based drug delivery systems, micro-total analysis systems, and micro fluids, as well as microelectromechanical systems.  He’s currently in the process of publishing his research due to its significance for the fields of both science and medicine.