Pilates and Yoga Exercise Mats

The focus on health and exercise these days is anything but a fad, as improving your lifestyle is essential to a happy and productive life. Of course, some people have physical limitations that place boundaries on the way they can work out. Injuries, ailments or other medical issues can preclude people from more traditional methods of exercise. Many of these people turn to low-impact activities like Pilates and Yoga to stay active and one of the most important parts of getting maximum benefit from these exercises is a Pilates or Yoga exercise mat.

Many stretches, poses and movements in these types of exercises require a firm foundation that offers support and stability. While a hard floor provides this, it doesn’t offer much comfort for a person trying to relax or focus. This is where an exercise foam mat comes in. These are made of foam materials that are thin enough to keep you in solid contact with the floor for stability, while offering enough cushion to make extended sessions possible. Mats are very thin, often 1/4 or 1/8 of an inch, just enough to soften surfaces. This also makes them very light and able to be rolled and taken with you to classes or gyms. For some people who want extra comfort, even a thicker foam mat camping pad can be used if the user doesn’t feel stability is an issue.

Another trait of exercise mats is that they are foam rubber materials. The majority of these materials are water resistant, which makes them easily cleaned for sanitizing and upkeep. Their small cell structure makes them durable as well. But possibly the biggest benefit of using this type of material is that it doesn’t have a tendency to slip. A cushion that softens the floor but doesn’t let you push and flex against the ground securely isn’t doing its job. Foam exercise mats are made to grip the floor, be durable and give you the blend of comfort and support you need to stay active and healthy.