Passports for Travel

If used to be that for travel to certain nearby countries, a passport wasn’t actually required. However, in the wake of 9/11, security has tightened up and the laws are changing. If you’re planning an all inclusive Caribbean vacation or other travel out of the country in 2009, it’s important to know what the laws will be and how they will affect your travel plans.

Starting on June 1st of this year, the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (also known as the WHTI) will be fully implemented. This means that any travelers going to and from Bermuda, the Caribbean, Mexico, or Canada via air will need to carry with them a passport or other documentation that has been approved for the purpose of establishing identity and U.S. citizenship. From 06/01/09 onward, that will be the requirement to enter and leave the United States. Keep this in mind when planning your all inclusive Mexico vacation or other trip, particularly if you need to allow time for members of your party to obtain their passports.