Medigap Plans Do Not Cover Vision Coverage

Plan F Medigap Plans typically cover every medical procedure you will incur, but they will are very limited on what vision services they will cover. The rule of thumb is that they will cover Cataract Surgery and your glasses/lenses after a cataract surgery, but any other time you are on your own. This is why we recommend vision insurance to our senior clients. You can get a VSP Vision plan for about $10 – $15 a month that has extremely good coverage, and if you get new frames once every 24 months it will pay for itself.

In 2010, over 10 million Americans have a Medigap insurance policy in place. Many of these ten million policy holders have a discount card (Eye Med) that they received through their Mutual of Omaha Medigap policy or some other carrier, but do not be fooled this is not insurance but a discount plan. Don’t get me wrong it is much better to have this Eye Med card than nothing, but remember if you want a true vision plan you need to purchase insurance.

So remember that vision insurance is not included in a Medigap policy so at your time of enrollment consider looking into a vision policy through MWG Insurance Mall if you want vision coverage.