Making Public and Private Parks Safer

When members on a committee, for either a city or a private residential area, want to make their parks safer, while also cutting costs, the last things they consider is replacing their real lawns with artificial lawns.  Instead they think about postponing add-ons to the park, renting it out, or even selling it all together to commercial businesses.  In reality, if they simply installed an artificial lawn instead, they could have already cut most of their maintenance costs while making their parks safer.

Most parks have normal grass, and that normal grass has to be maintained on a daily basis by watering, mowing, and cleaning.  It is also susceptible to weather causing grass to either freeze when it is too cold, or die when it is too hot.   A synthetic lawn, on the other hand, can still look and feel like a real lawn without the maintenance required by a real lawn.  It is durable and sturdy against heat and rain, and can have one’s park look consistent throughout the year.

The fact that artificial grass is not affected by weather makes it the safer alternative to live grass.  Live grass can easily become wet and slippery and hide mud underneath.  Those who are not careful can quickly find themselves subject to untimely falls, and most indviduals playing at the park do not think about safety first.  No, they are there to have a good time and throw caution to the wind.  Having artificial turf can provide safe footing and not be worn down by the weather or hide any nasty mud puddles.

Next time your committee meets try suggesting reconstructing your park with artificial turf.  Explain to them the benefits and how this product can save them money and save the people who use the park from further injury.


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