Make Your Gun Case’s Foam Inserts

If you own a gun or firearm, you’re well aware of the time and care it takes to keep it safe and in top shape. There are many preservation methods for firearms, but one of the best, for both storage and transportation is the hard shell case filled with a custom-cut foam insert.

Depending on your firearm, its usage style and your preferences, there are multiple foam materials, from firm, water resistant varieties to soft, high foam density, impact-absorbing types. Either kind offers the ability to trim the foam to the size of the case for those willing, offering savings in money and time.

And whether you’ve been cutting foam for your cases for years or have yet to start your first project, there are different methods that can work for any skill or confidence level. The simplest solution is to use pre-scored pick and pluck foam. These grids of gently connected foam cubes can be cut or pulled away into a custom cushion insert that leaves a snug and secure opening for the firearm to reside. More involved techniques for gun foam casing involve tracing weapon outlines on sheets of foam, either open or closed-cell. One suggestion for creating case inserts for deeper, 3-D items is to layer multiple sheets cut in different areas so there is a snug fit around all areas of the item being protected. Another tip is to always make cuts in foam inserts slightly smaller than the item they will hold because the material is expandable and will produce a tighter fit.

If you have a gun case insert that’s worn and you need a replacement cushion or just want the most secure way to transport and store firearms, you can’t go wrong with custom-cutting your own foam inserts.