Lug Along With A Come-Along And Other Construction Products

Article submitted by Hoist Direct

If you need to lug anything around for work, a come-along is the perfect option. You need one that will provide outstanding reliability and durability for any occasion. There are a number of hoist products that are offered. For example there is one known for its line construction work: the small frame web strap come-along Winch. This is very lightweight and ranges in capacity from 1 to 1-½ tons. One of the features of this item that makes it so handy is its one-hand portability. As far as movement limitations—there are none! It’s a very easy tool to use. This tool also specializes in its use in live wires. This particular tool can withstand anywhere from 1000 to 1500 pounds on a single line and anywhere from 2000 and 3000 pounds double line. The features of these types of products are vast.

There are also products such as a hoist trolley and beam clamp which will help your business.  These products should come with at least a one-year warranty and each clamp should be accompanied by a load test certificate to ensure the product you buy is safe. Some of the hoists are made to mount on these clamps, making an extremely versatile pair of construction equipment. Together, these items should include the following: capability to withstand ½ to 10 tons, dual tread wheels (which are permanently lubricated to enhance the life-span and decrease the amount of maintenance), GS and CE certified, and tested at 125% of rated load prior to shipment. These are not the only features, but these are ones that should be looked for specifically when purchasing construction equipment.