Leather Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets go in and out of style as designers are always searching for new ways to incorporate these practical military uniforms into everyday attire. After all, the American bomber jacket was originally designed to keep the wearer warm and safe during extreme conditions. This is because there was a time during World War I, when pilots flew with open cockpits. Consequently, in 1917, the need for a warm, practical jacket gave birth to the Aviation Clothing Board. The U.S. Army finally distributed a strong and durable leather bomber jacket to its pilots shortly thereafter.

Today, leather bomber jackets dating back to the First World War and throughout WWII have become the standard measuring sticks by which to compare and create new items of clothing. Designers are constantly revisiting these styles for inspiration and guidance. The most popular American bomber jackets are the type A-2 and G-1 bomber jackets. While consumers may enjoy the more recent reincarnations of these jackets, others may wish to invest in identical replicas of the real thing. Clothing retailer American Mystique offers a wide selection of authentic American bomber jacket replicas, including the type A-2 and G-1. In addition to these popular styles, the company also offers the type B15 bomber jacket and many others.