Laser Gum Lift Basics

Healthy and well-contoured gums are important to both the look and health of teeth. Often patients are unaware of how dramatically a gum lift can influence oral health or the appearance of a smile. Laser gum treatments are commonly used to eliminate gum disease in early stages, and the procedure is also more and more widely used in cosmetic dentistry to enhance a patient’s smile.

Many patients unknowingly suffer from gum disease. Even when they become aware of a problem, patients sometimes avoid seeking treatment anticipating discomfort or treatment that could require an extended recovery period. These days, many dentists offer laser gum treatment, which minimizes bleeding, swelling, and the recovery period after the procedure. The dentist uses a laser to clear away affected tissue and bacteria from the gum pocket. In local offices, dentists Toronto residents visit may recommend this procedure to treat conditions like gingivitis in early stages. (Gum disease is more difficult to treat using laser surgery in later stages.)

Though a laser gum lift often transforms a patient’s appearance more dramatically than treatments like teeth whitening and veneers, many patients are not familiar with the procedure and its potential benefits. There are two major issues that laser gum lifts alleviate: asymmetrical gum tissue and gum tissue that hides large portions of the teeth. Asymmetrical gum tissue is not equal on both sides, so the gums contouring one tooth may be higher than those on the identical tooth on the other side of the mouth. In this scenario, a laser gum lift raises the gum on the lower side so that both sides align at the same height. The other common issue of gums hiding the teeth makes the teeth appear to be too small or short. In this case, the gums are lifted by laser treatment to show the teeth, making the size appear standard.

Many individuals benefit both health wise and aesthetically from this procedure. Cosmetic dentistry Toronto specialists Dr. Afsar and Dr. Charkiw perform this procedure on many patients and display before and after photographs on their website at