Install Your Own Putting Green

With the help of the right artificial turf company, it is simple to design and install a putting green in your own backyard.

Whether you’re an avid golfer or seasoned professional, you may wish to bring the putting green to your own backyard. While designing a putting green may seem like a challenging landscaping project, it’s not. Here is a look at how you can experience a taste of golf-course living by creating a small golf-course hole in your own backyard.

With the right tools and materials, anyone can build their own synthetic grass putting green. Artificial Turf Supply offers custom putting greens, making it easy for you to design and build a putting green in almost any outdoor area. You will have the opportunity to speak with a professional and select the size and shape putting green that meets your needs. One your purchase your materials, you will also be guided on the tools and supplies you will need to start your project.

To build an artificial grass putting green in your own backyard, you will need to select a relatively flat location and prepare the ground for installation by rolling out the landscape fabric. The second step is to place the panels on the created terrain. Using a special cutting tool, you will need to cut the panels to the desired shape. Next, insert the fasteners in the outside ring of the panels. Using a rake, shovel or broom, you will need to spread the sand or packing material under the cut panel edge. Next, install the floating cups. You can finally spread the synthetic turfover the foundation you just created. Wrap the turf over the edge of the panels and secure with landscape spikes. When ready, you can drop the cups and flags into the appropriate holes. Once you have completed the final step, make sure to use a broom and brush away the dust and debris from the artificial lawn, and enjoy!