How To Get A Green Card

There are a couple of steps you’ll need to be aware of for you to successfully get a green card in the US, but the process is relatively simple and straightforward. Even still, you should pay mission critical attention to the little details on the USCIS forms and fill out all applications and forms as completely and accurately as you can – even the smallest step can be the end of your bid for immigration or citizenship status. There are several different methods to getting your green card, and each operate on their own time table.

Getting Employer Sponsorship

This is one of the most common methods of people gaining citizenship. All you need to do is have gainful employment and then apply for the labor certification application. Then you’ll go through an immigration petition process and finally will have to wait for your status to be adjusted to a citizen. Keep in mind that while this is one of the more popular methods, it does require the goodwill of your employer to proceed. You will need an excellent working relationship to use this method.

Get Married

There have been many different Hollywood movies made about people gaining US citizenship by marrying someone that is already a citizen – and while there is some truth to it, it’s nowhere near as easy (or overnight) a process as often portrayed. You’ll need access to at least $1500 for the application fee and you and your partner will be interviewed to make sure you’re not just abusing the system.

You can find more information about gaining a green card and citizenship status as well as finding important steps to get a green card replacement as well.