Furniture Options for Alternative Styling Preferences

For every person who loves the look of antique wooden furniture or large over-stuffed couches, there is somebody who only tolerates them due to a lack of options. Fortunately for those who desire a little more flexibility and personalization in their furnishings, there are alternative furniture products available to outfit a home in a way that satisfies their preferences.


One of the most popular furniture alternatives is a classic staple of home décor and contemporary design: bean bag chairs. Little has changed in bean bag chairs since their formative years in the 60s and 70s. But while you can still find plenty of chairs filled with traditional white foam beads, that filling is being pushed out of use by luxurious and plush open-cell foam; a material offering greater longevity and resilience. In addition to improved durability, open-cell foam offers greater versatility as well. You can find foam in a firmness or density that meets your needs, even being made as memory foam bean bag filling. The unique comfort and usability of bean bag chairs make them a smart and fun choice for those considering non-traditional furniture.


Similar to bean bag chairs are floor pillows, as they’re also stuffed full of soft cushioning foam material. They are often lower profile products though, more like an oversize pillow or sofa cushion than the spherical or oblong bean bags. These large pads of furniture foam are often shredded forms, but can also be found as solid slabs of foam, perfect for people who like to spread out, re-arrange frequently, or want easily-stored guest seating.


With their utility, futons are a cornerstone in the world of alternative furniture. Able to be used as a couch during the day and a futon at night for sleep, you can maximize space for a contemporary bedroom and make quick transitions from one setup to another depending on your needs. If you’re an original thinker and want to apply your free-spirit to your home furnishings as well, there are many options available that may make sense for you.