Foam Futons

Finding the right way to accent a loft or an apartment can be difficult with modern designs. Often, furniture is so large and expansive that the basics are forgotten, leaving much to be desired when attempting to live simply. Therefore, looking for specific items such as foam futons can be a great way to save money and have a versatile piece of furniture at your disposal. Instead of having to be cautious and wary of the liquids and food that is eaten on a leather piece of comparable size, futons can truly take anything! In addition to their ability to expand into a sleeping surface, the futon is truly unrivaled in terms of tradition, looks, and usability.


The most important part of a futon is the cushion, and that is something that varies greatly from piece to piece. The primary factor that determines the quality of the cushion is the fabric the outside is made of and the stuffing that makes up the inside of the cushion. Finding one that is suitable to your level of comfort and price range is absolutely essential. Another great option for those who already have the frame of a futon but simply need to replace old cushions are foam inserts. These replacement pieces allow for a great savings in price, but save the hassle and trouble of moving an old futon out just for another to come directly into its place. Most of the time, the frames of a futon can last forever; so why replace it when you don’t have to!