FEMA Reaches Out To Georgia Flood Survivors

More than $82 million has reached survivors of the Georgia floods to help them in their recovery, reports Insurance Journal.

“While much has been done to help thousands of people, there are still those who have not registered for help,” said Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA) Director Charley English. The deadline to apply for help is Nov. 23.

According to the article, Georgia Insurance Commissioner John W. Oxendine has issued a directive to home owner insurance companies ordering them not to penalize policyholders whose houses have had flood damage. Georgia law states that insurance companies (including those that offer free home insurance quotes online) are not allowed to decline renewal of homeowner’s coverage for two or fewer claims within 36 months, as long as the claims are not attributable to negligent or intentional acts of the insured. The article encourages consumers who feel their policy has been unfairly non-renewed to send written notices to their insurer contesting the decision. Homeowners can contact their agents for a home insurance online quote.