Do You Have Pests?

I know that everyone has been in a situation where they have been confronted with bugs; I’m not talking the occasional bug, but rather that surplus of bugs that causes them to go from bugs to pest.  Depending on season and location, there are a number of different pests that are common to households around the country.  As a Virginian, I am used to the natural pests seen year round – the centipedes in the fall, the stink bugs in the summer, and the crickets in the spring.  Depending on where you are located, these normal seasonal pests might not be the only ones that you have to worry about.  Bed bugs Herndon, Virginia, are another serious issue in households, and though most people don’t believe that they actually exist, or that they have a problem, they are everywhere.   Bed bugs won’t do much damage to a house as other types of pests will, but they are still a serious problem because once you have them they are very hard to get rid of. 


Possibly the most serious pest is the termite Burke, Virginia, which will eat through wooden foundations and other pieces of your home.  Termites are usually hard to identify and often times go un-noticed until major damage is done to the foundations of the home.  Often times there are specific tests that can be done to prevent termites from damaging your house too extensively and there are also counter measures that you can use if you know your house is at risk.