Cool Furniture for Kids

Missy Couture creates items that will make any little girl feel like a diva. For example, Missy makes a shoe chair that resembles a high heel shoe. It features leopard print and pink fake leather that looks like a real high-heeled shoe but is actually a chair. The leopard print is shown around the toe of the shoe, the high heel makes up the back of the chair, the sole of the shoe is hot pink and the entire chair is fully upholstered. The chair is made with easy to clean materials and is recommended for children ages 2 to 7.

Cool furniture for kids will vary according to the child’s taste in furniture. However, while décor is important, safety issues should be just as important. In addition to cool looking furniture, the colors that you choose are also important. For instance, orange and blue are favorite colors of boys. If you add white to the orange color, you have created a soft peach color for girls. Red, green and yellow can either resemble a yard full of tulips or exciting circus colors. Just by adding pink to the red color, you have created a flower garden. Pink and purple are the favorite colors of girls. For a springtime setting, choose light purple, light green and pale yellow.

Kids table and chairs set makes a great addition to any kid’s room. Girls can have tea parties with their friends and boys can build army forts. Table and chairs are also good for reading and coloring.