Combat Sports MMA Gear and Equipment

Although there are many MMA-inspired clothing lines available in the market today, is hard to find a company that offers high-quality MMA equipment. Basic gear such as MMA gloves, fight shorts, hand wraps and training pads are all essential for every fighter and it is important to find a trusted brand that offers cutting-edge equipment. After much research we came across Combat Sports International, a line of MMA gear, apparel and footwear available at The following are just a few of the line’s newest products.

For the safest MMA gloves for training, we recommend Combat Sports Safe Tech MMA sparring gloves. These genuine leather gloves are designed with advanced foam padding and offer recessed anatomical molding process for a perfect fit. This is Combat’s first MMA glove featuring a new closure system.

If you’re searching for training pads, Combat Sports offers Thai pads that are ideal for heavy hitters and larger athletes. These quality pads are made from a durable synthetic leather construction.

Combat Sports also offers a durable kicking shield that is curved to simulate the striking surface of the upper thigh. Compared to flat kicking shields, the curved style features a wrap-around design that provides increased protection and control. For ultimate protection, the shield is manufactured with impact dispersing multi-layer foam construction.

Ideal for training, Combat Sports offers a Mammoth Octagon bag stand that can hold up to eight bags. This heavy duty stand must be anchored to the floor, whether at the gym, home or training studio.

In addition to these products, Combat Sports also offers high-quality punching bags, groin protection, knee pads, elbow pads and more. Find these products, including other MMA shirts, shorts and fighting gear at Whether you’re searching for a punching bag or fight shirt, Combat Sports is a great choice for fighters and fans alike.