Collecting Vintage Clothing by Era

Vintage clothing has long been cherished by a wide variety of people including professional collectors. While some collectors have a passion for clothing from many time periods, others focus on a certain era such as 1970s hippie clothing. The later approach is a more practical art form, especially if you plan on collecting vintage clothing as an investment.

If you’re new to collecting vintage clothing as an investment, it will take some time to become familiar with your pieces. This is why it important to focus on a specific era and begin to develop your area of expertise. After all, being a vintage clothing collector is more than just purchasing old garments. It is about valuing the culture and time period from which these garments have emerged. Online retailers such as can help you start your collection. The company offers vintage clothing from the 1930s through the 1980s, all neatly categorized by era and type of clothing. Whether your passion is for 1950s cocktail dresses or 1970s vintage Western clothing, is your resource!