Caring for Dental Implants

Patients often assume that a dental implant is stronger than a natural tooth—actually, the opposite is true. The implant sticks to bone, so in many ways it looks and feels like a natural tooth. However, an implant is NOT as strong as a natural tooth. Therefore, patients need to take extra care as they clean and care for dental implants. Canada and the United States have both seen a dramatic increase in dental implant procedures over recent years, so dentists understandably want to spread the word on how to properly care for dental implants:

  • Brush and floss the implant regularly and carefully. Be gentle, and be sure to brush all sides of the tooth.
  • Floss carefully at least once per day. Be especially gentle where the implant meets the gum.
  • Get regular cleanings and check-ups to keep natural teeth in top condition, and to detect any early signs of gum disease. Problems with false teeth might require a visit to a prosthodontist, which your dentist can recommend.

The field of cosmetic dentistry has made it possible to forego uncomfortable dentures and other prior methods patients prefer to avoid. For this reason, all over Canada, including in the city of Toronto, dental implants have increased markedly. Dentists who perform these procedures want to be sure patients get the most out of their tooth replacements with proper care and regular check-ups. Those who do can see the difference!