Car Tires for Sale and the Latest Tire Technology

The U.S. has so many various road surfaces that it makes it a serious challenge to test any tires thoroughly. A combination of computer simulation and rubber-to-road testing are required to adequately determine the quality of any new tires manufactured today. Car tires for sale should always live up to these same standards, regardless the brand.

When a technology is invented, the tire manufacturer is morally obligated, and often legally obligated, to thoroughly test tires under real road conditions and on actual road surfaces. If they do not, many lives are at stake, including yours. It is best to familiarize yourself with such new tire technologies as Tweel Airless Tires, Self-Inflating Tires (SIT), Infinicoil, Self-supporting Tires (SST), Air Maintenance Technology (AMT), and many more. If you do not know what the latest acronyms mean, anyone can take advantage of you while selling you tires. This is one good reason to buy tires at an online store, such as or any of many other online tire shops. Then if you run into an unknown term you can look it up. Tire technology is a fantastic aspect of driving, so do not overlook it by taking it for granted.

Every technology, whether for safety, durability, or comfort must be verified prior to the tires hitting the market. Some such technologies are designed for specific purposes. Three-ply polyester casting contributes to durability, load capacity maintenance, and handling. You can find this technology in Toyo tires for sale online. Asymmetric tire design can be bought in Dunlop tires for sale. They help the car perform well whether going into a curve or heading in a straight line.