Beneficial Back Support Pillows

For people who have had injuries, surgeries or health issues, even simple tasks like sitting or lying down can be accompanied by pain and discomfort. Others may simply just find themselves uncomfortable during their daily tasks, whether it’s using their office chair or during the commute to work. Foam back support cushions and bolsters can help make a difference no matter where you fall in that spectrum.

One of the most utilized seating cushions for back comfort is the orthopedic cushion. When placed on a seat, this furniture pillow wedge gently forces the user forward into a more upright and aligned posture. To ensure comfort, these often have a tailbone cutout to prevent any pressure buildup. These are particularly useful for truck drivers with worn seats and are often made into custom cushions with a number of sizes, materials and covering fabrics able to match the user’s lifestyle.

Another style of back support cushion is a teardrop-style pillow. These can help support the natural curve of the lumbar area by being placed against your lower back while sitting or lying down. Their shape also helps the neck as a travel pillow for trains or airplanes when you want to catch some sleep during your trip. Furthermore, they can function as an excellent under-knee pillow for a gentle boost while sleeping. Cylindrical or oval bolsters are also great under the knees or the small of the back while sleeping for easing discomfort as well. No matter how you look at it, back support cushions make sense if they help you get through the day pain-free.