Auto Paint Booth Shops

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There is a woman who lives down the street.  Everyday she drives her kids to school, runs to the grocery store, gets her coffee, picks her kids up, and drives them to soccer practice.  Nothing about this is too unusual, and on a daily basis her neighbors can see her driving around in her minivan.  What so different about her some may ask?  Its her car, that has obviously been to a spray booth.  Her car shimmers in the sunlight, from one direction it looks purple, another green, and yet another yellow.  When the sun hits her car, an odd color rainbow immerges, one of the coolest things that anyone on her street has ever seen.

Many might not know, but pretty much anything is possible in an auto paint booth.  Kids can get their cars completely remodeled.  Flames can spring up on the sides; stripes and designs can cover the body of the car.  Mostly these large industrial paint booths though focus on businesses.  If someone owns a construction company, or their own business, they may take their car in to get a design painted on it.  And who can blame them; most Americans practically live in their cars, what better way to advertise?

Apart from fancy designs, and advertising, many people seek these shops to just give their car a new look, or to repair damage after an accident that has left the car without a perfect coat of paint.  People take pride in their cars, and why shouldn’t they?  A car can tell a lot about someone’s personality.