Appearance of Veneers

Toronto is a center for cosmetic dentistry, so it isn’t surprising that more and more locals are interested in pursuing procedures that brighten, whiten, and straighten teeth. Currently, porcelain veneers in Toronto are especially popular. Veneers look like natural tooth enamel. Veneers are glossy and can be colored to match existing teeth. More importantly, they are translucent just like real teeth. When light strikes the surface of a natural tooth, it penetrates—the same thing happens with veneers, which is the reason that they look superior to other types of tooth applications. For this reason, patients who get veneers have natural-looking smiles. This is pleasantly ironic, considering that natural teeth often reflect years of damage, staining, and even alignment in teeth.

Veneers are not used solely for coloration—though they can help some patients whose natural tooth color is resistant to procedures like laser teeth whitening. Every individual’s teeth have a natural tint that ranges from yellowish to grayish. Those who have teeth with a slightly grayish tint often find that tooth whitening isn’t effective. For these individuals, veneers can give teeth a lasting pearly color.

Veneers are frequently used to repair cracked or chipped teeth. Each veneer is made for a custom fit, and because they look so similar to real teeth, many patients prefer to have a veneer versus a filling.

Finally, veneers can sometimes be used to correct misalignment. The upside to this is that getting veneers is much easier and quicker than orthodontics. The downsides include the fact that veneers cannot correct all misalignment issues. Also, the original teeth must be filed, and it can be difficult to properly clean the veneers if teeth are still crooked when the veneers are in place.

While porcelain veneers can’t solve every problem, they have helped many patients feel better about their teeth, smile, and overall appearance! Patients can get veneers placed at any cosmetic dentist office, such as “Style by Jury” dentists Dr. Andrew Charkiw and Dr. Armaghan Afsar. The procedure is a relatively simple one, and one that many patients feels drastically improves their appearance and confidence.