All About Outdoor Cushion Foam Replacement

When replacing foam from foam cushion or foam futons that are mostly used outdoor, you should use dry Fast Foam that will serve the purpose best. Dry Fast reticulated foam has large built in reticulated cells as a result of which it dries up quickly after getting wet. As a matter of fact, the open pores of Dry Fast Foam help maximum drainage of water or other sundry fluids when subjected to precipitation.  Since this type of foam is manufactured through uninterrupted poring line, the open pore cell structure remains stable and uniform all the while. What is more, Dry Fast Foam is provided with anti-microbial agents that inhibits the growth of fungus or molds within the cushion.  Sturdy and long-lasting, dry fast foam is the ideal foam replacement material for use in outdoor sleeping and sitting arrangements such as in boats or RVs.

 Also, since foam futons are much preferred for outdoor sleeping options as compared to usual mattresses, people often replace the conventional foam with dry fast foam. These foam replaced futons prove very useful as they tend to dry up much faster than standard mattresses. The replacement can either be done either by the retailer who sells dry fast foam or through DIY process with the help of a few household tools. For details, you can visit  

 Incidentally, foam replacement of foam cushions used in patios or open air balconies with dry fast foam also proves functional as these become usable immediately after a downpour. What is more, the replacement procedure in these cases is even simpler as compared to those that are applicable to foam futons.